A Dime Piece

What is a dime to you? A tax on food, a lucky surprise in the parking lot, or absolutely worthless. Most people would say worthless. It’s not a shiny quarter, nor a legendary penny; However, it is one of the most important creations to this day. It is diverse. A dime contributes to society more than some humans do.

Our society is based on acceptance through worth. Worth being gained through what you wear, your career, and what you post on social media. The backbone of these things is money. Dollar bills, quarters, and even dimes. Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can also cost you a kind heart with a soul. It can make people into metal craving monsters. Changing the birds eye view into a near-sided vision. Only seeing the big picture. Not what goes into it, and surely not the hustle behind it. This process is called judgement. We as people are made to judge; It is how we make our most worthwhile decisions in life. What we fail to see sometimes is the backstory behind our own perceptions.

Yesterday you went to a food truck. A parking lot paradise of tacos and grease. On your way to place an order you found a dime in the parking lot. No big deal right? You do manage to notice that the people behind the counter are filthy. “Do they not know how to shower?” is your first thought. Your second stems from the way they roll their R’s; Their language is not your own.”These damn immigrants are getting paid better than we do. Illegal no doubt”. You glance at the tip jar, which is sparse as a desert, and make your way out. Rolling your eyes as you enjoy their customs. What you failed to see was the desperation in their eyes. You see, the filth was from their lack of electricity; The food truck business doesn’t exactly pay bills. They used to work side jobs, but now that they’re U.S citizens they must work on their own. The accent making them feared in the workplace. They were a dime short on the electricity bill.

A woman in a bra dancing for money. “She’s a whore. She obviously can’t get it from her husband. I mean look at her. Practically begging”This young woman went to college. She has a degree in social work, and makes a paycheck. She also has a family and self worth. Working the pole in smoke lounges is nothing but a nuisance; However, it seems that horny headass men pay for mindless entertainment. The drunken slurs meaning nothing compared to how those dollars and dimes will put her kid through school, so she acts. Twirling, begging, and degrading herself on the outside. Being a proud, intelligent individual on the inside.

People who hustle for a greater good are simply underappreciated. Just like a dime hidden under a mattress. People who turn their backs at those in need, speak only from the eye, and wander this earth just for the finance are way too romanticized. That 3 centimeter dime is doing more for them than you. Just let that sink in.


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