I Love You, How Are You, and All The Things I Wish You Would Say

I could walk through the door in a statement of despair but the smile could be so broad you’d never know
This is how it goes 

I don’t tell you how I truly feel for I get afraid that the foundation will peel, and not the foundation upon my cheeks for which I spent weeks trying to perfect but the foundation of your skin from within holds your heart of gold, but I am getting old and I’m told that I should be a treated with respect but what am I to expect when you never ask how I am so do you really give a damn? I sit and wait for the grand slam the day when I can finally cry

I’ll drain my eye sockets like the bathtub water like my soul like my head like my heart 

The time I can wrap my arms around you and not be questioned with your thoughts of my doubt but instead a new saying will be brought about and it will combust bringing me to a pile to stardust 

I love you. 

Holding my hair your voice whispering “there there” but I wouldn’t dare tell you this today

Because these are just the things I wish you would say, sitting here day by day

Wondering if you’ll ever come around to pick me up when I have fallen down 


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